HOA (Condo & townhouse) Maintenance Services for NJ

Painting, Pressure Washing, Staining & More

Productive Painting works closely with the Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Managers, and Board Members to create and execute a customized plan to ensure effective results for all condo & townhouse communities. Our process begins with a detailed bid which ensures quick responsiveness to any questions / concerns, as well as working on the details of project specifications, materials, painting schedules, and a time table. From color consultation to color sample applications, we want to ensure the correct color palette is applied for guaranteed satisfaction. We are equipped to handle projects from small private residences, to large multi unit condo complexes.

An exterior paining project done on New Jersey Condos by Productive Painting

Our condo & townhouse Services:

We carefully plan our work to efficiently minimize interruption to the daily routines of your residents and concurrent community activities. Communicating directly with all parties, including individual residents by posting notices, maintaining a time schedule, and keeping the work areas free from disruption is key. Maintaining a orderly work area is important to all parties, we take the time to leave all work areas clean on a daily basis prior to leaving the property. Our goal is for the community to have excellent "Curb Appeal".

By working hand in hand with the Home Owners Associations (HOA), Property Managers, and Board Members we ensure quality results. Our workers are skilled craftsmen trained to communicate clearly and politely, Productive Painting upholds a value to respect everyone.

Upon job completion, we scope the property for any final touch-ups necessary. The Project Manager in charge will complete a thorough on-site walkthrough. We pride ourselves on successfully managing and obtaining satisfied clients.

It is important to maximize efficiency and value, we obtain this by offering a variety of services. Top quality paints and premium products are used to provide lasting protection.

We are fully licensed and insured and are E.P.A. Certified for Lead.

HOA/Condominiums Painting Projects

HOA/Condominiums Pressure Washing Projects

NJ condominium, HOA, and townhouse services include, painting, power washing and more. All done by Productive Painting

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