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How your ceilings look is just as important as how your walls look. The texture and color of your ceilings have a huge effect in how the room looks overall. There are many different textures and texturing methods that can be used to help make your ceilings and walls unique and beautiful.

Adding texture to your homes ceilings can help to hide imperfections in the structure. Textured ceilings also add a uniqueness and variety to the rooms look and if the right texture is chosen can add light and depth.

Textured ceilings and walls can give the rooms in your home a fresh look without having to make major renovations. It is a simple but effective way to liven up your current design.

Although textured ceilings may sound like an easy task there are several factors that should be considered before it is applied. Where it is being applied needs to be thought about as there will be a difference in the bathroom ceilings and the ceilings in your kitchen. Bathroom ceilings will encounter more moisture and kitchen ceilings will have more greasy exposure. If not prepared properly texture will not stick to the surface. These are just a few of the potential problems that can be encountered if the application is done incorrectly.

Productive Painting can assure you that our trained staff can complete any texturing task that you can imagine. We vow to provide an encouraging experience throughout the process whether it is one room or the entire home that you are texturing.

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